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Felix Revello de Toro - Malaga


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Felix Revello de Toro - Malaga



Sightseeing - Felix Revello de Toro
Sightseeing - Felix Revello de Toro

This beautiful museum exhibits art from the 1926 in Malaga born painter Felix Revello de Toro. His paintings mostly depict women in a almost sensual, almost sensual way, but without being sexual. This demonstrated by the fact that his paintings often depict his own wife and daughters. His respect and view on the beauty of women can be seen in his paintings.


Adults: 2.50€ including audio guide
Children under 18 years & Senior citizens: free entrance
Groups of more than 5 people: 2€ including audio guide
For free tickets the audio guide costs 2€
Sundays: free admission

About the museum
The museum exhibits 142 works inlcuding 104 oil paintings, sketches and drawings, which belong to the permanent exhibiton of the museum by the local born artist Felix Revello de Toro.  The building used to be the home of Pedro de Mena from the 17th century and one of the few domestic building in those days in Malaga. Last but not least the museum also has changing contemporary art exhibitions.

Pedro Mena
Pedro Mena has made several religious images from the 17th century which can be found all over the city of Malaga. The museum has an interactive table made of stone where you can scroll and find the location of these images. One of these images is located in the cathedral.

Biography of Félix Revello de Toro

Seeing as the website has not translated the biography, we have taken the liberty to do so....

Born in 1926 in the Hospital Noble of Malaga on June 10, son of painting Professor José María Revello Cazar.
1935 at only eight years of age he paints an extraordinary drawing by Cristo de Mena. Felix's father died early, leaving his family in a difficult economic situation at the beginning of the Civil War.
1943 After graduating High School in San Estanislao he receives a scholarship by the city of Málaga to study Fine Arts at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. He paints the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary for the "Confraternity of the judgment".
1945 in return for his scholarship, he sends two works: "Child with Bird" and "Write to me a letter, Mr. Cura" to the City of Málaga.
1950 concludes his career of Fine Arts with Honours and the Pérez Madrigal award.
1951 Travels to Italy by winning two scholarships Carmen del Rio and extended studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Spain in Rome
1952 First important exhibition in Madrid in the exhibition hall Macarrón room with great critical and public exposure.
1953 First exhibition of portraits at the Casino de Madrid and Granada exhibition organized by the Press Association.
1956 Marries Chini, moves to Barcelona and obtains by opposition a chair in the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, ​​the Llotja.
1957 Birth of his daughter Carmen.
1958 Exhibition at the Art Room, Bilbao.
1962 Exhibition in Zaragoza. 
1967 New exhibition in Zaragoza
1968 Exhibition at the Garbi Gallery, Valencia.

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