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History of Gibraltar - Gibraltar


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History of Gibraltar - Gibraltar



Sightseeing - History of Gibraltar
Sightseeing - History of Gibraltar

In case ou are interested in a little bit of history of Gibraltar....

Spain was known as Hispania until its collapse due to the Muslim conquest in 711 AD. 

Gibraltar at the time was the northern Pillars of Hercules, the southern part being located in Africa. The Pillars of Hercules symbolise connecting points to the Strait of Gibraltar and serve as important strategic defence system point for anyone crossing from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.

Sultan Abd al-Mumin ordered the construction of the fortress on top of the Rock at the beginning of the Muslim reign. It became part of the kingdom of Granada until 1309 when it was briefly occupied by Castilian troops.

In 1333 it was invaded by Marinids who invaded Muslim Spain.

In 1462 it was reclaimed by the Spanish Duke of Medina Sidonia.

1473 Pedro de Herrera, a Jewish convert from Cordoba was granted the right to settle down in Gibraltar with 4350 other Jews who had flown from the catholic reign of Seville and Cordoba.

In 1476 the Duke realigned with the Spanish Crown. The Sephardim Jews (Jews originated from the peninsula) were forced back to Cordoba into the arms of the Spanish Inquisition.

1501 Gibraltar was handed over to the Spanish Crown

1607, April 25th: during the Dutch rebellion also known as the 80 Year War, the Dutch fleet surprised Spanish ships anchored in Gibraltar and within a matter of 4 hours destroyed the entire Spanish fleet. 

In 1704 British troops invaded the island and British sovereignty was finally granted in 1713 by the peace treaty of Utrecht which ended the war of the Spanish Succession. 

 All efforts by the Spanish since then to reclaim the island have failed. Even during the Franco regime the return of Gibraltar to Spain was denied. In 1969 the island was declared a Crown Colony (Dominion) and as a result the Spanish closed the border. After Spain joined the European Market in 1985 the border was finally fully re-opened; five years after the signing by Britain and Spain of the Treaty of Lisbon in 1980.

In 1967 a referendum saw over 95% of the inhabitants of Gibraltar declaring their wish to remain a part of the British Empire. The inhabitants though prefer to be known as ‘Gibraltarians’ not as English of Spanish

Gibraltar became an important Naval Base for the Royal Navy and played an important role in the “Battle of Trafalgar”.

During World War II the residents of the Rock were evacuated and the Rock was turned into a fortress. Part of this fortress was within the Rock and can be visited today. An airfield was built over the civilian racecourse and is now the runway to the airport of Gibraltar and guns controlled the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. 

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