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The making of Sherry - Jerez de la Frontera


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The making of Sherry - Jerez de la Frontera



Sightseeing - The making of Sherry
Sightseeing - The making of Sherry

Jerez is well known for its Sherry, but what many people do not know is that the Spanish Brandy is made of Sherry...

Elaboration of Sherry

Sherry is famous throughout the world. The palomino grapes are cultivated in chalky grounds called "albariza" and dried a little in the sun, in order to concentrate the sugars the wine carries. Then its juices are put into american oak barrels in order to unfold the typical sherry taste. Blended to perfection by the "Crianza" technique.

The climate in this area, the chalky ground and the palomino grape, make it so special. Sherry wine is covered in its maturing age by a layer of yeast named "flor" and thereby preventing oxidation. Then the wine is stored in american oak barrels called "Botas".

The age of a Sherry is not like wine as the Sherry is kept in barrels which lie on top of eachother. Every year the barrel at the bottom receives some "fresh" Sherry from the barrel above. This is called the Solera method. Solera literally means "on the floor" and this is the barrel from which the Sherry is bottled.

1. Fino is a dry sherry, organically matured and is made from palomino grapes. It is matured for a minimum of 4 years.
2. Manzanilla are finos, which are only produced in the cellars at the seaside of Sanlucar de Barrameda. It has a special microclimate condition and the salty tang is perceptible.
3. Amontillado are finos, which are aged longer then normal. The yeast (known as 'velo del flor') dies and some oxidation occurs. This Sherry is sweetened for the British market.
4. Oloroso is at least 7 years old and does not have the "flor", because these are fortified up to 18%.
5. Palos are matured oxidative and combines the characteristics of Amontillado and Oloroso.

VOS is at least 20 years old
VORS is at least 30 years old
Spanish Brandy is distilled from sherry

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