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Things to do in - Sevilla


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Things to do in - Sevilla



Sightseeing - Things to do in
Sightseeing - Things to do in

Seville is located 114km from the Costa de la Luz and 219km from Malaga. Put on your walking shoes, because the best way to discover this town is on foot. However it is advisable to take the tourist bus first in order to get an orientation.

Seville is located 114km from the Costa de la Luz and 219km from Malaga. It is a sophisticated town with many international students. Due to hosting the Iberian-American exhibition in 1920 and the World exchibition in 1992 Sevilla belongs to one of the most interesting cities of Andalusia. The main tourist attractions in Sevilla are the Alcazar, the cathedral and the Parque de Maria Luisa.

The World Expo in 1920 influenced it to a large degree. In those days the Sevillanos made an amazing impression on the rest of the world, by creating an entire park, known today as the Parque Marie Luisa as well as several impressive pavilions. Most of the pavilions are used today as university buildings such as the the famous Cigar factory on which Bizets Opera Carmen was based.

Put on your walking shoes, because the best way to discover this town is on foot. However it is advisable to take the tourist bus first in order to get an orientation. You can buy a combined ticket with a river tour.

Shopping is a pleasant experience in Seville which has several nice pedestrian areas, as well as one of the oldest pastry shops (Campanillo). Visit the town hall and the Museo de Bellas Artes.

Opening times Tourist office

Monday - Friday 9h - 19h
 Saturday 10h-14h & 15h-19h
Sunday 10h - 14h 

Things to do in Seville

Sevilla is divided in 4 main districts. The Santa Cruz district is probably the most beautiful and we recommend you find accommodation in this area. From here you can walk to the main sightseeing points, but we recommend you take the sightseeing bus first to see all of Sevilla and then explore it on foot as it is a big area to explore. The Macarena district is probably the least interesting one and sufficient to explore from the bus. The Arenal district is home to most tourist points of interest.

Marie Luisa Park
Archelogical Museum (free)
Popular Arts museum (free)

St. Cruz district
Cathedral (7.50€, free on Sunday after Mass)
Alcazar (7€)
The gardens of Murillo
Archives of the Indians
Hospice of the Vulnerables

The area of St. Cruz is probably the most enchanting part of Seville with it's narrow, cobblestone streets and quality small hotels, boarding houses and restaurants. Its main attractions are the cathedral and the Alcazar.

Triana district
Isla Magica (amusement park)
Monstery of La Cartuja (1.80€)

Triana lies across the river and is home to many Gypsies. It was also the sight of the Expo '92 and has the amusement park of Isla Magica. The main attraction here is the Monasterio de la Cartuja, which has various Modern Art exhibitions.

Macarena district
Macarena is an area to the west and unless you really enjoy walking, it would be advisable to familiarize yourself via the local buses. It is not necessarily a the prettiest parts of town, as it has been flooded several times over the centuries by the river Betis and has a history of being the poorest part of town. However if you are interested in churches you will find an abundance of them in Macarena.

El Arenal district
Bullring (4€)
Theater de la Maestranza
Golden Tower (1€)
Tour buses around Sevilla (13€)
Boat excursions Guadalquivir (15€)
Palace of San Telmo
Hotel Alfonso XIII
University (Tabacco factory, now a university)
Hospital de la Caridad (5€)

Probably has the most tourist sights are in the area of El Arenal which runs along the Guadalquivir river. From here you can take the tourist and river tour. See a bullfight at the Plaza de Toros or visit the Palacio de San Telmo.

* Prices 2013

Festivities and holidays in Sevilla

New Years: 1 January
Day of Andalucía: 28 February
Good Friday and Thursday: varies every year
Day of the worker: 1 May
San Fernando, Patron of Seville: 30 May
Corpus Christie: june varies every year
Virgin of the Kings, Patrona of Seville: 15 August
Day of Pilar: 12 October
All Saints day: 1 November
Day of the spanish constitution: 6 December
Day of the Inmaculate Conception: 8 December

Facts from Wikipedia about Sevilla

Province: Malaga
Population: 700.169 (2013)
Surface: 140km2
Distance from the Coast: 114km (Puerto de Santa Maria)
Altitude: 7 msnm
Distance from Malaga: 219km

Activities in Sevilla

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Market Day in Sevilla

Markets always take place weekly from 10h - 14h
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