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Wifi Mini router (7-10 days) - Marbella


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Wifi Mini router (7-10 days) - Marbella



Things to do in Costa del Sol - Wifi Mini router (7-10 days)
Things to do in Costa del Sol - Wifi Mini router (7-10 days)

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We can deliver the device to your hotel / accommodation per courier nationwide in Spain. Please write your address in NOTES when making your booking and the date you need it to. For delivery and collection the charge is 7€.

WifiAway provides you with Mini Wifi routers that you can take with you anywhere on your holiday. You can be connected in the car and use Google maps to find your way, on the beach to WhatsApp and stay in contact with your friends and family or to make your bookings on BookWOW!

It is not recommended to stream TV, Facetime or any other activities that use up GB as it is limited to 5GB per week. In case you use more than this you will be charged accordingly. You will be able to view the usage at all times on the display of the router. A laptop also uses up more MB than an i-pad etc.

The Mini Wifi routers work with 4G, but it depends on the network in your area. We cannot take responsability for the coverage of the network.

Minimum rental is 1 week and your credit card will be charged according to the time you keep the Wifi (see price list below). In case of loss we charge 70€.

You might have heard that as of June 2016 roaming charges will be banned. This applies however only to incoming and outgoing telephone calls.

According to the article in the Guardian, companies can still charge 5 cents per MB - and just in case you are wondering 1GB = 1024 MB, so we are talking about 51pounds for 1GB!!!

Price list 
29€ 7 - 10 day hire 15 GB
38€ 11 days - 1 natural month (from 1-31) 20GB
Extensions after 1 month
1.25€ extra per day, you will get 1GB per day (max 20GB)
38€ -  1 month
73€ -  2 months
105€ -  3 months

* after 20Gb usage the router can still be used for whatsapp. 
The usage cannot be extended within the same month as our telephone providers we work with do not provide this option. You would need to order another device in case you use up the 20GB.

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